Personal Reflection May 27, 2019


Why is it I hold on to from the past?

This morning’s musing was about some past “injustice”. I was puzzled as to why I was even giving this any attention. I considered the question, “have I been pushing this away?”. You know, like avoiding it. I do that sometimes with the inner story, “you are better than this!”.

Yep… That’s what I had done.

So…I thought and felt everything I was aware of about this past experience. Instead of having some pious response, I simply accepted how I thought and felt. I didn’t judge myself for these thoughts and feelings.

One result of not judging myself was I felt peaceful. Then I was able to really accept what happened. I realized one of my needs in situations like this is to have a “clearing” conversation with the other person. This rarely happens and I see that it’s not for them but for me.

If I can let it that need go, then what more is required? Nothing! Good lesson for today.


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