Personal Lesson from UPS


I just had a very frustrating experience with UPS. I won’t give all the details because this post would be way too long. In summary, I felt they had done something wrong and I was going to get them to admit that and do things my way. You can imagine how that worked out!

I notice I have a tendency to want to be right. When something doesn’t go the way I want, I want to show the other person why what they are doing is wrong and my perspective is what matters. I employ all my skills of perception and speaking to get my point across. I can even get emotionally pushy.

Since nothing I did fixed my situation with UPS, I decided to turn it into a personal teaching moment. There are three things I learned from my zeal to get what I wanted from UPS.

The first was there is NO VALUE is trying to get the other person to admit they did something wrong. I want that so I can feel righteous and I already know that’s not useful.

The second lesson is that I took my eye of what was more important. I was embarrassed that something I wanted to get to someone wasn’t going to get there when I wanted. I started talking to many people at UPS and the result was exactly the opposite of what I wanted – to get the package delivered a quick as possible even if late. The result was the package will take over twice as long to get to the recipient.

The last and for me the most lesson is to remember none of this is personal. I made it about how I felt, which in the end is not anyone’s job but my own.

Whew a lot to learn from a UPS experience

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