Personal Reflection May 30, 2019


I was listening to the father/son duet of Jack and Tim singing their song, We are the Lucky Ones, on Britain’s Got Talent. It’s moving to feel the power of gratitude in such a raw form.

I got to thinking about the power of gratitude in my life. Just last night, I was in a snit because something expected didn’t happen. In hindsight, I see if I’m not paying attention I can quickly get into a mood of irritation and resentment. Never very good for me (or anyone else I come in contact with either).

The good news for me was recognizing my mood early and then applying the universal antidote – feeling gratitude. So much to be grateful for in my life that so overwhelms any little complaint I feel.

Why do I forget gratitude? I’m not sure and it’s an area of exploration.

I work with organizations of all sizes and a broad spectrum of industries. In every organization I’ve worked with, I have seen what I call a “gratitude gap”. There is little attention to being grateful and so much attention on what needs to be done and what’s not getting done. Why? Again, I’m not sure and I’m committed to open the gates of gratitude with everyone one I encounter in every day that remains.

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