Personal Reflection May 26, 2019

This morning I was listening to a Ted Talk of America Ferrera. She spoke so authentically about her experiences as an actress. When
she wasn’t getting the roles she wanted, she tried to become what she thought the world wanted her to be.
Didn’t work. In the end, she realized she was defining herself in the stereotype’s others had. She was doing this because she believed what others were saying. She accepted what others said was impossible for her because she believed it was impossible
for her.
Then she said something that really got my attention. “It’s possible to be the person who genuinely wants to see change, while also being the person whose actions keep things the way they are”
Keeps things the way they are… this rang true in me. What am I doing each day to keep things the way they are? I believe some aspect of myself, maybe like I’m not always honest, as a definition of me. Believing I am this and along with so many other negative
assessments of myself becomes like a prison for my potential.. for my dreams… I lose perspective and have a roller coaster ride like experiences.
Then America said, “Change will come to each of us who has the courage to question our own fundamental values and beliefs and then see to it that our actions lead to our best intentions.”
This is my rallying cry inside. This inspires me. This is an opening to greater freedom and the life I dream of.

One thought on “Personal Reflection May 26, 2019

  1. Thomas…this is so good. How often do I define myself in terms of what others think? Or expect of me? Being authentic requires me to be fully conscious in every moment. Not there yet but it is my goal.

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