What the Heck do I know?


I find it so easy to have a story to explain almost everything I wonder about. Recently I was at our local food coop and noticed one of my favorite products was no longer on the shelves. Immediately I was sure it was because… (I then provided my version of the reason).  I was so sure I was right I shared my view with others with great authority. After all, what I said made perfect sense.

Yesterday, I was back in the coop and happened to see the manager of the area that included the product in question. I asked him why the product was no longer stocked. He gives me a clear picture of how they make decisions about stocking products. He then walked with me to the section where the product in question was in the past so I could see what he was talking about.

Now what he shared with me had no resemblance to my story. Wow… I didn’t have a clue!

After I left, I thought of many of the times when something happened in my world that I had a ready-made story to explain. My need to understand actually limits my life. Rather than simply saying to myself “I don’t know and I’ll investigate” or “it doesn’t matter and I’ll just forget about it”, I go with whatever my minds creates. I often don’t take any time to consider if this is just my opinion or something I really know.

Good to pay attention to those stories I like telling myself!

One thought on “What the Heck do I know?

  1. Yes, I also have stories to explain my world experience…..it is part of my ego’s need to predict and control life….what would it be like to just accept everything as it is with no need to explain it?

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