Heart of a Leader

Leadership Matters


We, too often, limit a conversation on leading to those in positions of organizational authority. Everyone who lives on the planet is a leader, whether they realize it or not. A leader is someone who guides others to find their way. We are all doing this and to limit the leadership conversation to those of a particular level of responsibility in formal organizations is absurd and dangerous.The qualities of great leaders: purpose, courage, integrity, deliberateness, inspiration and accountability are qualities that everyone can benefit in expanding.

Each week, I offer five original postings that offer perspectives to help each person expand the leader within to the benefit of all. Monday is focused on purpose and deliberateness. Tuesday brings the theme creating what you envision. Wednesday, l share conversations I have with others I find inspirational. On Thursday, I continue the exploration of beliefs and their impact on our reality. Friday is a day for reflection. I offer something for the heart.

You can contact me by email at thomas (at) profoundlysimple (dot) com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Cathy on said:

    Your graphics are amazing. I am a grad student doing a research project on critical literacy. I would like to use your graphic on the question marks/ head in my thesis. Who would I contact for permission to use this graphic? Thanks.

  2. thomas – i am so pleased that i have found your site – maureen

  3. Happy to have found you blog. The heart and leadership and the intertwining of the two are areas I am most passionate about. I am excited to explore more through your posts. Thanks.

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