There my mind goes making up stories agian!

Three weeks ago, if you traveled east down the road from my house, you’d see a For Sale sign on a cabin that’s perched on a cliff over the road. This place is unusual. For starters, you have to go up a driveway that’s too steep for the local firefighters. Once you get there, this cute cabin doen’t running water or electricity. I know that’s ok if you want to rough it. The place does have an outhouse, so that’s a plus.

Anyway, the house went on the market and the neighborhood was full of chatter. About 10 days ago, the For Sale sign was down. I don’t mean knocked over and laying in the grass. I mean it’s just gone.

What a great opportunity for the old story machine to get into high gear. “My”, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe they sold this house so quickly.” “That goes to show that people will by anything if they can get it for $50,000”, was my wife’s response.

There you have it, nice story that explains everything. Except it didn’t. A friend talked to the realtor yesterday. He said, “Oh, is the sign down? I didn’t realize that. I will get one up tomorrow (which he did).”

So out the window my neat story went. The truth of the situation was that the For Sale sign was not there. The rest was simply the product of a fertile mind. See how much trouble you can get into when you let your mind explain things.

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