Thank you!

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. Sherry supports me, without hesitation, offering unconditional love. She is an amazing mother to our children, and a mirror that helps me see what I can not. This is a gift that is beyond words. I am very strong willed. At times, when she offers a reflection that is not in keeping with my self-image, the reaction can be harsh and unloving.

Still she jumps in with love to help me with my calling and in finding the beauty that lies within. I have felt this type of relationship in my dreams. I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of receiving pure love and giving it in return so I had resigned myself to life without the partnership of the beloved. Surprise, it is now my constant companion. I know my contribution to making this possible and I know hers.

During this time of celebration of her birth, I tell you of her virtues not to inflate her ego, but to let her know that I see her and my gratitude is boundless.

You also benefit from her care. Until I began writing again, I edited my own words. If you are a writer, you know this is never the best way. She carefully reads everything, makes helpful suggestions and reminds me to write with authenticity when I don’t.

Happy Birthday Dear Beloved.

One thought on “Thank you!

  1. What a loving blog post…yes, you are a blessed man….what a beauty she is! I am privileged to know her myself!

    Her giving of herself in love is quite remarkable and I know that I am blessed by that.

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