Todays’ Weather Forecast and other Works of Fiction!

Do you check the weather forecast in the morning and maybe later in the day to see what’s changed? Why? Maybe you want to know what to wear for the day. If you are a farmer, you want to know what’s needed in tending your fields. There are many reasons we want to know what’s happening with the weather.

In our modern, Internet world, when we want to know the weather forecast we consult, or some other service. Using ever sophisticated models, we are offered an hour by hour prediction of the day(s) ahead. When we talk about the upcoming weather we say things like, “the weather man says.”

As we rely more and more on someone else (whom we don’t know and have only the vaguest relationship with) to tell us what going to happen in our world, We’re furthering our loss of sensing the world around us. I mean, how is it that humans survived for millenia without the weatherman? In indigenous culture, people are sensitive to their environment. They can “feel” changes long before they are apparent to the eyes or ears or nose.

We have advanced as humans in some ways. We certainly are masters of the creation and use of tools. Our non-deliberate reliance on these tools has increased our belief that the world of the mind is all that’s real. Anything else is often branded as primitive.This label diminishes something we don’t understand, and we become more detached from the environment and each other.

Then there is the simple truth that forecasts aren’t true. They are often perceived as a clear view of what’s ahead, which is impossible. I can develop a model that shows how the trend line of the past, if it followed a set of assumptions, will look in the future. We desperately want to know what’s going to happen next. We put our faith in credible people and processes to relieve us of our anxiety about the future.

Other examples of our reliance on forecasts abound. We listen non-stop to news analysts offering their prognostication about every election imaginable. Financial analysts tell us what we can expect when the stock market opens tomorrow morning. Economic predictions abound from economists to politicians. When I listen to any forecast it’s important to remember one thing – ITS FICTION. I love fiction. I learn about myself and the world when I read fiction. So I use this term with appreciation, but fiction it is.

Many people want to take charge of their life. Great! Start with reestablishing your relationship with your ability to use intuition to sense what’s going on around you. It can be as simple as whether it will rain today or whether an investment is right. We are faced with choices throughout the day. What do we rely on to make them? The words, ideas, or models of others or using our own ability to feel what’s the best thing for us. You decide.

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