Judgments, Stories and Love

Well, I did it. I spent an hour today being interviewed about love in business. I didn’t know what to expect, which was good. The conversation was easy and my decision to bring together love and the workplace was reconfirmed.

The challenges I have, whether they are with relationships or self-worth or trust or finding satisfaction are life issues. They do not live just at home or just at work. If business leaders begin to understand this basic truth, they may become more open to engaging each person in their organization holistically and not through the narrow lens of worker. This almost 2 dimensional  perspective deprives the leader of seeing the true value each person is ready to offer.

I now see clearly that my first step in bringing love into business is to continue to chip away at places where I don’t experience love. What judgments do I have? Tomorrow, I’m going to record every judgment I have. I’m a bit concerned about this commitment. I know that I still judge things. I may not judge people so much, but I still have a grand time comparing things, which is a form of judgment. Like when I see a house that is in disrepair. Often, I will have an automatic judgement of the house, such as I don’t like the way this house looks, particularly when compared to the house across the street.

To raise the stakes even more, I’m also going to note when I fall in to stories about things. I recently saw a notice by one of our town’s folks that they needed to move out of their house quickly. My automatic story machine decided their house was in foreclosure and they were in a time of real hardship. A few days later, I learned the reason they were moving had nothing to do with my story.

Judgments and stories separate me from you. I know I don’t want to feel separated from those around me, and I know they don’t want to feel separate either. Yet, that is often our shared experience. Any separation inhibits my ability to feel love. So, tomorrow, I will chip away at what inhibits me from feeling love and let you know what I discover.

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