Getting lost with Excitement!

Am I excited! A project I have considered for 8 years is staring to come to life. As each piece effortlessly falls into place, my excitement increases. Underneath this almost giddy feeling, my inner warning bells are going off.

You see, when my emotions start rising quickly there’s a good chance that I’ll lose focus. I’ll start allowing my emotions to guide my decisions and actions. From experience, I know this isn’t a good idea.

I began to wonder how to feel excitement without becoming lost. I realize that I experience two types of excitement. One, I might call a feeling of inner satisfaction. This feeling leads to contentment. The other is almost delirious emotional excitement. When I’m in the throes of it, my excitement brings rapid speech, lightheadedness, and a flushed complexion. This has as its aftermath, let down.

As I write, I can feel satisfaction rising. I am moving out of my emotional reaction and into seeing the situation clearly, and I know contentment is just around the corner

One thought on “Getting lost with Excitement!

  1. Thomas……….I have had that experience except in the so-called “negative” version….when my entrepreneurial venture was failing, I got into fear and worked harder and harder, thinking that would “save” me…..ALL IT DID WAS CAUSE ME TO LOSE MORE MONEY! GOOD LESSON…………

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