So What’s Enough?


Over the past few weeks, as we have settled into our new home, I have noticed an emotional push-pull that surprises me. We have found the perfect home. We are astounded daily by treasures that are unexpected. From the blue heron who was fishing in the pond last night, to the overwhelming abundance of herbs that grow freely, our dreams unfold right before our eyes.

With our challenges of finding this home behind us, I expected to feel nothing but contentment. Mostly that is how I spend my days. I have noticed, though, that there is the faint hint of restlessness poking up. At first, it is so out-of-place that I didn’t notice it. Recently, my ongoing practice of taking stock of how I’m feeling revealed this hint of “wanting more”.

What is the root of this thread of discontent? Ahh, it’s simple, I realize. I have spent most of my life looking ahead. I spoke about this in my March 22nd blog posting, The Challenge of Looking Forward or Backward. Frequently, I am thinking about what comes next. When I pull myself out of the present, there is no possibility for contentment.

I can feel a gnawing fear that if I don’t look ahead I will be surprised. Again, I know this is an error. I can never know what is ahead anyway. What I can do is attune my abilities to sense everything that’s going on in the present moment, and act, when necessary, in response to what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Sharpening my attention to the present moment pays all sorts of dividends. Relationships always blossom when I am present with those I connect with. Being present brings no assumptions from the past with it. Not assuming allows me to see the truth of the moment and act with precise clarity, often sidestepping potential problems and allowing me to take advantage of opportunities I might otherwise miss.

Good reminder as I settle into contentment at the end of a perfect day!

2 thoughts on “So What’s Enough?

  1. Boy, can I identify with this blog posting! My life also is absolutely perfect yet my ego keeps saying “you should be doing more?”, “you aren’t helping others enough”, “you should be living int he country”,etc., ad nauseum. What is wrong with giving thanks for things exactly as they are, I ask? Of course, my ego does not want me to feel contentment because it is all about resistance to WHAT IS. So, I smile at its antics and rest in the knowing of a perfect NOW. Thanks, Thomas, for the reminder.

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