Reap what you Sow!

A year ago, I stopped producing Business Matters, a weekly, nationally syndicated radio program I created in 2008. I was a bit burned out and wanted to broaden my horizons. For the most part, I forgot about the program.

Fast forward to six week’s ago – I was listening to a news interview program on the radio and was reminded of my frustration with the national media. I find the content is narrow in scope and the essence of what’s going on is missing .  I feel that the role of media is to inform listeners so they are equipped to make the best decisions possible. I initially started Business Matters to fill this perceived void.

My frustration grew over the days after listening to this broadcast and I decided to again start producing Business Matters, at least every other week. It feels great talking again with people who are making things happen. The old energy is back!

This prelude is to disclose a surprise, which is the lesson I’m sharing today.  After I ceased production of Business Matters, I left the website up with the program’s past broadcast archives. After the first new program, I was curious to know the interest it was generating. As I looked at a few months of data on our online audience, I found that over 15,000 people a month were downloading the program’s archives.

As I sat with this news, I remembered how easy it is for me to create new ventures, projects or businesses. It’s kinda like sowing seeds. Sometimes, though, I forget to consider how the seeds have grown. I end up walking away just before harvest time. This sobering revelation is just sinking in.

I wondered if you experience this as well. How often do you start things and then walk away just before they’re ready to fully blossom. Just a thought for your Saturday evening consideration.

Until later,


2 thoughts on “Reap what you Sow!

  1. And then there is the other side of this “coin”…I was involved with a start- up venture in the early 1980’s……we (our team of entrepreneurs) could have quit when it looked like we were failing but, no! We kept pressing on, trying harder, staying up many nights with little sleep, and, sure enough, we ended up losing even more money! Sometimes, the discernment of when to quit is very slippery.

  2. Yes it is. I find that when I hear a very elaborate story about whether to either stay the course or get out, it’s a sure sign my ego is at work. When, on the other hand, the answer is clear without commentary, its origin is truly from essence.

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