Reflection – The Heart Aroused

Whether you are man or woman, the uncertainty of who we are in work and at home is a common experience. This uncertainty is the theme of many books and teacher’s commentaries. Understanding how we came to this spot is interesting, but not critical. What is vital, is engaging in the daily practice of seeing ourselves clearly, beyond the impressions of others, looking into the room that is the I AM.

In 1994, a dear friend gifted me with the book, The Heart Aroused. Poet David Whyte offers this stirring gift to anyone who walks in the modern world with its complexity, relentless change and loss of humanity. This conversation guided me through a “dark night of the soul” several years later.

Today, as I again was drawn to The Heart Aroused, I read this poem of David’s that moved me, and I offer it to you.

The half turn of your face
toward truth
is the one movement
you will not make.

After all
having seen it

You wouldn’t
to take that
path again.

And have to greet
as you are
and tell yourself
what it was like
to have come so far
and all in vain.

But most of all
to remember
how it felt again
to see
in your own mirror
the lines
of abandonment
and loss.

And have those words spoken
inviting you back,
the ones you used to say,
the ones you love
when your body was young
and you trusted
everything you wanted.

Hard to look,
but you know it has to happen
that it takes
only the half turn of your face
to scare yourself
to the core.
Seeing again
that strange resolve in your new reflection.

With gratitude for our shared journey,

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