Conversation with Paul Glover on Local Currency and Health Care Self-Sufficiency

Starting today, I’m adding a mid-week feature to this blog. I will be sharing with you conversations I’ve had with people who inspire me, and who offer helpful insights for living a life without limitations.

Beginning in May of 2008, I was on the air with a syndicated radio program. This program was titled “Business Matters” for the first three years, and “From the Inside Out” thereafter.

Over the course of the next few months, I will offer interviews from these radio programs. If you want to further explore our archives, you can go to


I often stumble over the belief that one person’s actions don’t matter, particularly as it applies to changing the behavior of big institutions. On occasion, I come across someone who doesn’t have this belief. WOW, what change they cause!

In today’s interview, I speak with Paul Glover. We talk a lot in my community about keeping it local. Paul has been an enthusiastic supporter of this movement since the early 90’s. He saw that one of the ways to assist the exchange of local goods and services was the creation of a local “currency”. In 1991, Ithaca Hours was started. Today, over 900 participants publicly accept Ithaca Hours. Additionally, some local employers and employees have agreed to pay or receive partial wages in Ithaca Hours, further continuing the goal of keeping money local.

Paul’s contributions didn’t stop with Ithaca Hours. In 1997, he led a group in founding the Ithaca Health Alliance. The Ithaca Health Alliance is concerned with the problems in our healthcare system — especially the hardships faced by the uninsured. The mission of the Ithaca Health Alliance is to facilitate access to health care for all, and to improve the quality of health choices and knowledge available to community members.

Paul continues to bring his unlimited exuberance to urban challenges in his new home city of Philadelphia. Let me know how my conversation with Paul inspires you!

Listen to this conversation | Download MP3

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