Now is the Time!

For the past 4 years, I have written entries in the blog Heart of a Leader. These have primarily been focused on the inside issues of leading – how we can be more in touch with our true nature and how we can live and work more authentically.

I recently realized that it’s important to expand my perspective about leading. For one thing,  everyone who lives on the planet is a leader, whether they realize it or not. A leader is someone who guides others to find their way. We are all doing this and to limit the leadership conversation to those of a particular level of responsibility in formal organizations is absurd and dangerous.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I want to let you know that I am casting a wider net, so to speak, for this blog. I am coming off a year or so of sitting on the sidelines wondering what was next for me. I am relieved to report I am now clear.

This clarity is part of the renewal in this blog and its new imperative. I will be writing five times a week. It helps me to write more often and I feel that I have something useful for others that warrant this level of attention.

I will be writing about both the inner aspects of leadership as I have in the past and the external aspects of leadership, which I for the most part have avoided. Why is the external important? What is going on in the world is in direct correlation to what’s going on inside us.

For instance the debate about contraception support in medical insurance plans is actually about equality for workers of both genders. Many people talk about their full support of women as full partners in the workplace and then oppose this type of insurance equality. It’s important to bring the issue of inner and outer imbalance to folks attention so that we all can get into integrity.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Until later,


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