So Who is The Customer We Serve?

I was struck by a headline last week in the Wall Street Journal that read, “Bank of America Weighs Fee Revamp” . With the bank struggling to regain its footing after mistakes and outright illegal activity, they now want to pass the bill to their customers.

The situation has me wonder if we have two very different realities going on. In Reality Number One, there is a “customer” who is someone we serve. We offer them goods and services that enhance their life and provide them something of true value. We treat this reality’s customer with respect.

In Reality Number Two, there is a “customer” who is someone who can help us make money no matter how badly we treat them. We believe this reality’s customer is someone we can dupe through clever marketing programs and scare tactics.

I scratch my head and ask myself if the general population has become so desensitized that they simply allow a high level of abuse because “it’s just the way things are.”

I suggest that Reality Number One is the only way to create a world that is truly prosperous for all. Is there an action to take here? You bet. Move your money to a credit union or local community bank. They are living in Reality Number One every day. I think you would love the experience. I do.

Until Later,


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