Stumbling in the Darkness

This morning I awoke with a picture of a hot cup of tea in my mind. I arose and put on my sweater and slippers and made my way down the stairs. I began my journey to the kitchen with the warmth of the yet to be brewed tea filling my mind and stimulating in its anticipation my body. In my revelry, I stumbled over Marbles, the bunny who was sleeping in my path.

Startled he jumped to safety and I was reminded, once again of the consequence of being in the future rather than the present. What a gift it is to see what is right here rather than live in the dream of what will be and often have that dream shattered by the reality of tripping over the bunny.

To your day seeing what is right in front of you.


One thought on “Stumbling in the Darkness

  1. Oh, the precious moment of clarity in which we realize we have allowed our minds to wander past the dimensions of the moment. Thank God marbles didn’t cause your dreaming to become an injury!

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