Back to Business

I stopped writing here in February. My focus was directed to the creation of a new business and away from writing.

As I sit here, watching the snow flurries swirl, I was reading what I have shared over the past years. I am reminded of the way I feel when I write. I feel alive and productive. My purpose of teaching is engaged and the creative expression that lives in the center of my soul is active.

Do I have to choose between say the creation of a business and writing? Not really. I starting looking at the beliefs I have around work. I believe that work consists of doing things. Writing is not doing anything. Its allowing the snow flurries to drift out in the world.

These beliefs are at the center of my need to be valued by others. What about allowing my true value to emerge without concern for what others think? Hmm.. Uncomfortable and profoundly simple.

Remembering the joy of writing reinvigorates this almost snuffed out fire. Join me, if you feel so called, in opening to life’s great mysteries and the truth that underlies them.


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