Step by Step


In our house, our oldest boy loves the movie, What about Bob?. One of this comedy’s leading characters is Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfuss. He has written a book titled, Baby Steps. He encourages his patients to take one small step at a time. Each step will take them to the next step and before they know it they have done things that will amaze themselves.

I was thinking about baby steps this morning. It may not be fashionable to use the words “baby steps” because it might bring up an image of something being so simple that a baby could do it. The truth of change is that it happens a step at a time. The greatest obstacle to our envisioned change is the paralysis that envelopes us when we consider all that’s involved in making the change.

So don’t look to the end of the road today; just look down at your feet. What step is the one you can take right now. Without a lot of analysis or inner dialog take that step. Now what? Take the next step. Its really that simple.

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