As I look around our family room, I see so many objects scattered around. There are children’s toys left where they last played with them. I see objects related to memories of the past that as I gaze at them, I feel an emotional response. There is a box of wood ready for my efforts to start this morning fire.

Objects that are each vying for my attention. As I sit quietly and write to you, I wonder what it would be like to have less. Do I really need all the reminders of my past? Do the children really need so many toys?

Recently my wife, Sherry, began packing for a move we will make in late spring. I noticed that as the room was less filled there was a sense of lightness. The spaciousness felt lush. What was left was more noticeable and I felt gratitude for everything we have.

What can you do to create spaciousness in your life today?


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