So I don’t like the cold

I was feeling restless with the cold weather we have been experiencing. You know, its was 16 below and that’s really cold.  I called friends and colleagues to commiserate about my plight.

This morning I began to wonder why I was so irritated by the cold. After all, my house is warm and the car is quickly heated when I go out so what’s the big deal? It was this question that was like a slap on the head.

I don’t like the cold and want it to be different. Hmmm. I live in southern Wisconsin. The temperatures we are experiencing are well within the norms of this area. So what about the winter didn’t I know? Nothing really.

This situation is like a lot of things in life. I look around and find that I don’t like the way things are. So many examples leap to mind. Like, I don’t care for the TSA security procedures at the airport or I am unhappy with the rising price of gasoline.

Whatever my dislikes, what is my approach getting me? Let’s see – I am feeling out of sorts. That seems like a poor payoff. So what can I do? I could step back for a moment and see what I can find that I am grateful for. I could be grateful for the beauty that I see this morning from the reflection of the sunrise off the crystalized snow. I could be grateful for having gasoline so I can drive to the grocery store.

It’s all in the way I look at things. I am in charge of the perspectives I have and it seems this morning that it would be a better day if I look for what to appreciate rather than what I can complain about.

You know, I already feel warmer….


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