New Year

New Years forecasts or resolutions are tricky. The heap of unfulfilled promises to myself initiated at the beginning of the year is large. In fact, I have been reluctant in recent years to even venture into this territory.

The call of our local monthly magazine editor, Anne O’Connor, to share thoughts for the year ahead presented anew the opportunity to be deliberate about the coming year. I have became wary of broad brush strokes ambitions. You know, like ending hunger this year or peace on earth. I am more modest and realistic. I realize that the changes in the year ahead all begin with me.

So what will be different for me in 2011? The first thought is that I will find more gratitude for the abundance of life I enjoy. Moving here little over a year ago, I have found the land fertile, the people generous and the environment expansive. I am grateful each day that I see a sunrise or sunset for the beauty of this region. Never before, have I been so captivated with brilliance and uniqueness of this daily gift. I am grateful for the relationships I have. Each one offers a rich texture for my life.

I will find love in everything I do. Love, the acceptance of everyone (myself included) and everything without judgement, will fill every aspect of my life and all parts of my day.  I am exploring having love be the foundation for business this year and feeling the expansion this will be for myself and others – materially and spiritually.

I see more harmony in life in 2011. As I choose more deliberately my thoughts and actions, I will have more authentic relationships. I see people from all over the world coming to Viroqua to work with us and find out about the connection of growing and the cycle of life and business. These lessons will help people find new ways to work and live together..

I see great harvests and sharing our abundance with our community.

What a wonderful year!

One thought on “New Year

  1. You articulate my new years wishes so well. Thank you for your intentions, I feel them ripple out in our community, it will be a great year of growth for us all!

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