Taking a stand for what’s right.

I have been thinking a bit about the courage required to take a stand for what I believe is right. So much of my life is focused on doing something because of what is important to others, rather than following the inner compass that clearly shows me the right direction for every turn on the road of this life.

I am in the middle of a situation right now where I did not act with the swift certainty that I know. I did not speak up month’s ago. I had so many reasons not to do so. Some of my favorite are, “its not my place”, or “now is not the right time” or “they are so fragile, I will wait for them to be stronger” or “I don’t want them to be angry with me”. You know these and others that may your personal favorite.

The thing is that I know the consequence of not acting with certainty is a diminishment of my integrity and a dilution of the positive impact I can have. So why do I hesitate? There are lots of reasons. The most pressing is that I am afraid something bad will happen. When this fear is present, I am unreliable and wonder when the day will come when I will not feel the impact of this fear.

All this is a prelude for something I encourage you to read. Catherine Austin Fitts, is a truly remarkable women. She has been at the center of Wall Street power, a Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, an entrepreneur and a very keen investor.  She has been on the Business Matters radio program four times and I learn a great deal from her each time we talk.

I find that I admire her more and more. Yesterday, I was reading her blog and found a truly inspiring story. I encourage you to click on this link and read how this woman is taking a stand and has found an inner peace that most of us would find difficult in the situation she faces.

After I read the blog, I felt grateful for the opportunities I have to meet people such as Catherine and learn from them how to live the way I want to be.

Until later,


2 thoughts on “Taking a stand for what’s right.

  1. Thomas,
    thanks very much for sharing this. I spent some time on Katherine’s site. I was struck by something she wrote in her bio “money and position are tools, not goals, and that death is not the worst thing that can happen.” It made my day to read truth written so clearly.

  2. Thanks Thomas, Oh those great “one liners”. I appreciate this insight. Menopause is great teacher for me on this subject these days.

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