Walking onto the stage of life – Naked!


I have spent some time this morning exploring the inner sanctum of my mind. It is such a stark and fearful place. I have been here before and each time, I leave before my visit is complete. It has felt too intense. I have lashed myself for my inadequacies. I have seen the places for improvement. I have seen the failures. When I leave, I feel like I have ingested all that I can handle. Yet the picture is far from complete.

Today as I embarked on this journey again, I allowed myself to explore more deeply and let the story that has yet been told speak to me. I share with you this story.

Imagine that you have been invited to talk to 10,000 people. You will talk to all these folks from a stage that is at the center of this welcoming crowd. They have come to hear someone who is authentic and will help them find their true nature, which is often obscured.

As you prepare for this event, you find that the only way to fulfill the invitation is to walk onto this stage naked. That’s right, there is nothing that is between you and those you are connecting with.

The thought of this requirement is so terrifying that you feel paralyzed. What do you do? How do you even find all the ways that you cloak yourself so that the truth is hidden? When you look into a mirror, you see only what your mind is ready to comprehend. When you talk with others, you get more glimpses into the hidden masks, and still their own fears are also overlaid on you, so you have to pick through the pieces to find what’s real.

The only way that you will discover all your disguises is to find a new way to observe yourself without reaction and with perfect recall. Your first response to this recognition is, “that’s simply not possible. This is too much to ask of a mere human.”

As these words fad, you hear something else. You hear an echo of truth responding to you. You place you attention on this faint sound and it grows. Your curiosity ifs active now and you have a notion that something new is about to be discovered.

As the message increases in intensity, you start to feel a sensation that starts in your hands and moves into the heart of your body. You allow it to radiate to all your cells and images begin to appear.

You see yourself in these images, but the picture you see is much different than what you saw in the mirror as you shaved this morning. The picture seems more alive and lighter. There is a peaceful gaze on the face and the eyes are riveting. Its as if the world universe is radiating from those eyes.

Your mind brings up a few things for your consideration. First, it says, “You know this is only a dream. Its not real.” You consider that and smile and realize that your mind is what ‘s not real. It’s just making things up to rationalize its own identity.

Not to be quieted so easily, your mind has a clincher to throw at you, it says, “if you start believing such nonsense, others will think you are crazy.” Now that’s interesting. You are being invited to invalidate what you know is a fear. A fear that is less solid than smoke. It is appealing though as you worry about what others think of you.

As soon as you realize this, your mind quiets. You have found a personal truth – Your need for validation and love from others has fueled the creation of all these many cloaks and masks. Each one added to bring the warmth or love or approval you feel is missing in you.

Now you are being asked to cast aside all of them. Your discomfort rises. You thought once you saw the truth it would get quiet. You find that there is more to discover. You take a deep breath. Maybe you can just stop now. Haven’t you done more than almost anyone else? Then again though your curiosity is peaked.

You think, “OK, let’s go for it. I’m ready!” What happens next is simply amazing. A parade of images passes before you. Each of these images is you with a different mask, with a different set of clothes, with a different expression. As the rate of viewing these images accelerates, the images start to merge together.

You feel like your head is going to pop off your body. You feel like your skin is being torn away from your bones. You feel like you are disintegrating. The parade of images stops and you feel calm. A voice asks, “are you ready to see yourself?” You nod and magically a mirror appears in front of you.

What you see is so bright that you want to shield your eyes. You feel love that is absolute and there is no worry or fear. You are now ready to walk on stage and reflect to each person their beauty and power no mater how hidden. The music starts, the lights come up and you walk on stage.

What you see is astonishing. In this crowd of 10,000 you see yourself. That’s right 10,000 of you. You laugh for the final lesson waited for this moment to reveal itself.

Until later,


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