Getting past my own distraction!

I am in the midst of writing my first book, Real Success – It’s Never about the Money, and I am having a dilemma that I have heard about from others. It’s not that I don’t have enough that I want to say to fill a book; it’s that there is so much that I am not sure what to cut out.

I have started down this road before and would get into the project about a chapter and a half and something would come along that grabbed my attention and I was distracted. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown that was kicked up and created the crack for the distraction. Perhaps it was that I was doing something to which I was not really committed. In the end the result was the same, I would look at the pages of the good start and put it in a pile with other good starts and go on to something else.

This time I felt an almost desperateness and I got a bit smarter. I took a critical eye on what I have been spending my time on and I was not pleased with what I saw. I listened to the excuses of why the past writing endeavors didn’t work and let them fall to the ground.

I looked at what was fun for me. I love teaching and the way that I teach that is most effective is through interaction with others. In this interaction, I help others see themselves, learn what they have forgotten and in the process learn myself. So I set up an environment with Jonah Meadows, producer of our Business Matters radio program to have a daily “writing” session. In this session, we would have a conversation about a chapter of the book. Jonah is very interested in life and asks great questions. This process is perfect for how I work best.

To make this even more interesting and fun, we are recording the sessions and will use them in an edited form as part of the audio book. I will also talk to people who have a story to tell that fits the topic of the chapter and let their words help others learn and see themselves.

Finally, I will give those who listen or read something to do that will help them transfer what they are learning into their lives. I have some simple practices that have worked for me and others that I will share.

So a simple formula that has worked over and over again for me and the book is beyond the phase where others have spun out and I can feel the end. It’s very exciting and I look forward to the moment when I can share it with you. I will let you know in a few weeks, when that will be…..

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