Friendship and Writing


This past evening, I was reading a series of letters between the poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, 6th Poet Laureate of the U.S. As I eavesdropped on this warm and intimate conversation, the depth of real friendship reached out and touched my heart.

Here two people, who rarely saw each other and didn’t chat by email or phone, built a bond that lasted over 30 years. In genuine love and care, they tended their relationship like a careful gardener who knows just when to water and the right time to put on a little fertilizer. Their writing spotlights the art of communication, not just words written in haste like most of our emails, but words formed at the intersection of deliberateness and spaciousness. They bring forth a practice of reflection mostly vanished and much needed.

The short except of these letters from the October 2008 issue of Poetry Magazine has inspired me to return to pen and paper. This blog posting was first written by hand and then, with care, typed so I can share it with you.

I feel excited for each word I share, and make sure each carries the song I wish to sing today.
Until later,

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