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Several times over the past few months, I have written about the importance of being deliberate in how we use our resources. In particular, I’ve written about the importance of making sure we are clear about the impact of our purchases before we spend the money.

I feel that a great deal of the financial challenges we are facing come from habits that we (I include myself in this) have acquired. Too often, we buy things that don’t last (for instance how long are the Christmas gifts we give our kids around?). We are in the practice of everyone on our block individually buying tools that we rarely use, like a snow blower or a chain saw.

We are programmed to respond to the positioning of goods in retail stores so we leave with more than we intended to buy. The same is often true in grocery stores where we buy things that we don’t particularly need, but they seem interesting so we buy them.

Recently my wife brought to my attention a wonderful story about stuff. In fact, it’s called the story of stuff. It’s the best presentation that I have ever seen to help understand in a simple manner how our consumerism driven system works.

I highly recommend this to you, and I would appreciate any feedback you have after you have watched Annie Leonard and her story.

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