A Spider and Love


One of the most joyful aspects of my life is assisting people in finding their inner wisdom and from this wisdom uncovering their power of creation. One way that I provide this support is through regular phone conversations where we unravel the mysteries from their current life experiences.

As I was reflecting on the end of this year and my gratitude for my life’s work, I was reminded of the impact of this work in ways that are unanticipated. One story came to mind and I wanted to share it with you.
Several years ago, I was having a phone conversation with Pete – one of the people I support. We were talking about a challenge he was having in his job with some of the people who reported to him. He was complaining about some of the things that they were not doing up to his standards.

As we were talking, I walked from my office to the porch on our home to connect with the fresh air and animals that filled our world. As Pete was emphasizing again his frustration, I looked up and saw a giant spider that was just completing a beautiful web. I could feel that the real issue he was having was that he didn’t like what he was seeing in others because he didn’t like these behaviors in himself.

When I find this happening in me, I know that I have not accepted myself as I am, and in that state I can’t love myself either. Until I embrace all of me, I will be unable to fully love others or myself.

I mentioned to Pete that I had seen this spider. I reminded him that in some Native American cultures, the spider represents the energy of grandmother. Grandmothers in most traditions are linked to unconditional love. As we spoke about this, I invited Pete to feel the acceptance that the grandmother energy brings. As he did, he was able to see that he was really angry with himself, and in that acceptance all his rancor dissolved.

Later, I was visiting with Pete and he told me about an experience his wife had that was an outcome of our conversation. Pete’s wife is a middle school teacher. One day she noticed that some of the students were unsettled. They told her that they had discovered a spider in the classroom. Some of the boys wanted to immediately kill it. Pete’s wife stopped them and told them that one of her husband’s teachers had told him about how in some Native American cultures the spider was a symbol of grandmother. The energy in the room immediately shifted. Instead of wanting to kill this spider, the boys wanted to carefully move the spider out of the classroom to a safe place.

Having these boys have a moment of feeling the grandmother spirit and choosing to honor life rather than extinguish it inspires me to continue, fills me with gratitude, and gives me hope for a more loving new year.

Until later


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