The Excitement of Learning


Yesterday was the day that our youngest boy really decided to walk. It’s always thrilling for parents to watch their children move into a new stage of life. This experience was particularly compelling as you will see.

With all my children, I find that I learn so much about myself by watching them develop. Now normally Gabriel goes to sleep around 8 o’clock. Tonight things were really different. He was having such a great time actually moving around on two legs rather than “all four” that he was “on fire”. He would begin walking and continue until he wavered and dropped to the floor. In his excitement, he didn’t want to stop practicing his newly acquired skill. He was so excited that it was almost 10:30 before he finally, in total exhaustion, allowed himself to sleep.

I was wondering how long ago I lost that joy of learning? I could feel that he was both pleased with himself and enjoying the freedom of moving around in a new way. When do I feel the freedom of letting go of the limitations that come from living with the way things are and embrace what is truly possible?

Each time Gabriel fell to the ground, he was undaunted. When did I lose the true nature of learning where I didn’t care about how I looked as I tried something new. When did I become concerned about falling down or making mistakes? When was the last time when, like Gabriel, I just engaged learning for the joy that it is.

What a privilege to witness this wonderful being. I know, if I remember the joy I witnessed in Gabriel and forget about doing things perfectly, I too will experience feeling fully alive.

What about you. What is your experience when you learn?

Until later,


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