Get out of my way!

I was looking out the window of the rental car bus as we were coming into first stop at the American Airlines terminal at San Jose International. As the bus slowed, I watched a man who was sitting down the bench from me jump up and start towards where the luggage was stored.. When the bus came to a stop, he stepped on the foot of the man across from me and then pushed aside a woman who was standing in front of his luggage.

I looked at this man’s face and realized that he didn’t have any idea of the physical harm he was causing. His eyes were focused and his jaw was set. This got me to thinking about all the times that I have an agenda and simply don’t have any idea of the impact my actions have on all those around me.

I can make up a great story about how important what I am doing is but the real truth is that I am just like this guy getting his luggage. I don’t care about anyone else. I can understand why my wife will complain in her gentle way that sometimes maybe I am not paying attention. There are so many examples of where I am distracted and lose touch with what I am doing and who I am affecting.

So I am grateful to the guy who pushed his way to get his luggage today and I am resolved to contain judgments of people who seem to be mindlessly walking through life and cause me and others some inconvenience.

Until later,


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