Who decides?

Freedom is being able to live with the consequences of your decisions!

I was reading the magazine, The Week and came across a section on recommended books. The author Paulo Coelho was listing his favorite books. Now I am a fan of the author, particularly his book, “The Alchemist”. Immediately I began reading the description of the books he recommended with an inner desire to make sure that I took to heart what he felt was important. I could feel my sense of urgency rising to make sure that I immediately went out and read what he felt were the important books of our time.

Wait a minute. What am I doing? I am letting someone else decide for me what is important. Why am I doing that? I ascribe to this author power to know something that I didn’t – what are the best books to read. I thought ,”how often do I relinquish my choices to someone else?” In this case, I experienced an inner dialogue that said, “he is really famous and a good writer and you want to be like him, so you better pay attention to what he says.”

lightbulb headThis was just an small incident, yet it showed me that I can often give the power for deciding what’s important to me to someone else. I do it because I don’t want the responsibility for the decision.  I may also delegate this choice because I don’t want to take the time to understand the criteria I have for determining what is important to me. It becomes “easy” to just accept someone else’s point of view. This could be as simple as reading religiously a movie critics view on a film I want to see or accepting as truth the perspective of a political commentator.

What to do… well I am going to stop letting others decided for me. I have a sense that it will take a bit of attention at first. I have to change this life-long pattern of delegating my power to others. I’m going to make choices by using the criteria I have for what is important to me and not let others point of view be the deciding factor.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

Until later,


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2 thoughts on “Who decides?

  1. Yes. I am uncovering a simple truth. The teacher who is going to show me the way to owning my creation is always looking back at me from the mirror.

    It is disorienting and requires waking up in a way that I have only a small glimpse of.

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