Actions speaks louder

Ideas come and go

like the tides of time

Yet the earth is my home

and it calls me to tend

its gardens with my hands

Today I was interviewing a man for an upcoming radio program. We were discussing the rising price of gasoline. In his Blog he advocates:

dreamstimeweb_23910 4

“The secret answer to curbing high oil prices in a supply constrained world that no one seems to be talking about is for buyers to go on strike. And no, I’m not talking about a meaningless “Don’t fill up on this day” but keep driving.

My back of the envelope estimate is that if there were a concerted effort by the major economies (hello G8 ministers meeting in Japan) to have demand pulled back sharply (10-15%) over the Summer, we could see oil prices go down fairly rapidly.”

I asked him, what can we do to get this plan activated? He said, “well, we need to put some pressure on the G8 minister and have them call upon their countries to act to immediately reduce consumption of gasoline”.

dreamstimeweb_1788970 2I realized in that moment that this idea was like so many others that I read about in Blogs of all types. In fact, it is like lots of ideas that I have had over the past few years. What is missing in all of this is the will to inspire the action of others through my own actions. For without a commitment of all of me the idea passes and nothing is different and the consequence of that is not acceptable to me.

So what keeps me and others frozen in the thoughts of my inspirations rather than the actions? I suspect it is as simple as fear. Fear to experience things that are unfamiliar. Each of these new initiatives that capture my imagination are at first interesting because they can bring about a new state. A state of life that is different than right now. The other thing that is interesting is how I and others feel when we actually engage these ideas.

eagle gloomy skyI know from past experiences that when I have created something in my mind and then invited others to join me in bringing the idea to life the experience is amazing. Facing challenges that were unexpected and stepping through them is exhilarating. Exhilarating because we have done something that seemed impossible such a short time ago..Something that can help others in new ways. Something that leaves all involved with a sense of deep personal satisfaction and aliveness.

Now I am faced with this dilemma. What do I do. Actually the question opens itself to the answer, which is what I have always found. The answer is to use my gifts of activation to rally everyone I can to remembering that each of us can change anything. We do this one act at a time. When we do this in unity with others the power is mind blowing and the changes are real.

I will write again in a new days with an invitation for you to join me in the first activation.

Until then,


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