What are you grateful for today?

Speeding along on the freeway of life,

The blur that passes could be almost anything.

My dog, the one whom I love, a painful moment.

Each experience is quickly lost in the press of motion and desire.

– Thomas White

dreamstimeweb_312190 4In a life filled with activity, what have I stopped for today to truly appreciate? The more that I work with leaders around the world, the more I find that stopping and just taking a slow breath is forgotten. The press of moving quickly to find all the information that I can so I won’t miss anything. The desire to succeed in a increasingly competitive world. The restlessness of not knowing what will happen next in these times of great uncertainty. All these forces propel me forward and simply stopping and truly looking at the world is never considered.

The simple consequence of this perpetual motion is the loss of appreciation of beauty and gratitude for the amazing people whose lives mine touch each day.

heartchakra 2

Perhaps the greatest challenge for our humanity is not the ones that we spend so much time worrying about such as global warming or food shortages. Perhaps the greatest challenge to our humanity is remembering that one human heart touching another human heart is what is really important.

In appreciation,


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