Dreaming – a leadership quality

“Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.” – Victor Hugo

dreamstimeweb_23910 3Dreaming is something that we generally ascribe to our sleeping hours. Yet we have all had experiences of what is called day-dreaming. What is day dreaming really? It is allowing our thinking to be quieted and the creative nature we all have to come forth.

Day-dreaming has a bad name in our business world. We often criticize people for day-dreaming on the job. If we actually understood the nature of creation, we would applaud our colleagues who day-dream. They are bringing their imagination on line. We have all experienced the power of this creative source. When I have a “gut feel” about something this is my intuition bringing some guidance to a current situation. I you are like me, you often ignore this source because you can’t explain it or it doesn’t seem logical. Yet, I know when I have ignored my intuition in the past, Imagination comes from this same unknown but clear source.

Door to new world

This imagination can help us overcome obstacles. It can bring new perspectives to stagnant situations. It can “see” how we can create something that does not exist.

So my simple message for today. Dream a little. Appreciate your creative and intuitive nature. It will surprise and delight you.

Until tomorrow…


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One thought on “Dreaming – a leadership quality

  1. Being a Leader is often a lonely job. However, most of us dream of being able to share our human experience and best wishes with others, specially our neighbors and friends in a more productive or healthier world. Dreaming great dreams is better than not to dream at all and perhaps what we dream and think is what may later forge what we become. Hopefully we all could forge a better world by having positive dreams, actions and thoughts.

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