Quiet the noise!

dreamstime_301196It is 5AM. The house is quiet. It is the time that I find best for writing and considering things that trouble or concern me. As I began my writing today, I was wondering why I don’t find this quiet in other parts of my day? I know my inner dialogue is that it is because the world is busy and full of interruptions and quiet isn’t possible most of the time.

As I hear that voice, I also remember people that I have encountered that seem to live in a manner that is contrary to my belief. In particular, I remember a man I met 23 years ago. I was starting a new business and we had an open house to attract software developers to be part of our consulting firm. We were in the middle of Silicon Valley. I had been involved in this hectic world for 10 years and we were going to build a company that met the needs of technology companies to fuel their growing demand for high-level software developers.

As this fellow walked up to me, he smiled. I was immediately drawn to look at his eyes. There were a shade of blue that I have not seen before or since. His eyes seemed to transmit a sense of inner joy and peace. We talked briefly about his work. He was one of the most qualified people that we talked to that day. Yet, he was very different than anyone else. He was not striving to be anyone or anything than who he was. He did not “need” work. Rather, he was following his intuition to come to see us. As we talked, it became clear to both of us that our environment would not serve his needs and we parted company.

I went back to the conversations of the day to secure as many qualified software folks as we could. I quickly forgot about this guy, until today. Today, I see his smile and feel his peacefulness and quiet and I am grateful. For he was there to show me the answer to the question I have this morning.

Now 23 years later, I can remember what I quickly put away that day. The special quality he had was that he was not striving for anything. He walked with clarity and deliberateness. I feel such gratitude to him. I can see the cost of pushing faster than the waters of a situation are moving. I can feel the consequence to my quiet by wanting something to be different than it is.


I find freedom in realizing that I can find this early morning quiet whenever I choose it. Do you feel at times the chaos of a busy world? Where can you find peace? I bet there was someone you met along the way as I did who can show you the answer to that question.

Until later,


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