Soul of a leader

Anything and anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you – David Whyte

Davidwhyte 1990 306401Sometimes when I re-read a treasured book, it is like I have never read it before. I am find that this is the case when reading David Whyte’s “The Heart Aroused : Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America”

As we are faced with a world that demands creativity through access to our imagination and intuition, we will not find it through gathering more information or working harder. The location of this source of our success as humans is not in books or pop gurus.

The home for our most precious asset is ourselves. We already have the essence of wisdom and the knowing of ways to think and act that transcend any problem or challenge we face. This call into our inner sanctum is what David is showing us in this book. He has written this adventure into the unknown for those who are in corporate jobs and want to re-connect to their soul.

For it is not necessary to abandon ourself to be able to master the world of business. Those of you who read this and find that you feel a sense that you want to find more meaning from your work I encourage you to find this book and let the adventure of self-discovery unfold.

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