Trusted Advisor

1 21I was flying back from a client engagement yesterday and reflecting on the work that I had been doing. There was a deep sense of satisfaction as I recalled a dinner meeting with someone I had known for years. They are in a senior leadership position for a large multi-national company. Our conversation wondered to the many areas of concerns in their role as a corporate leader. We also explored areas of uncertainty about themselves and their abilities. At the end of the evening, my friend said,” these conversations mean so much to me. It is the only time that I can sit back and really look at what’s going on and figure out where I want to go.”

dreamstimeweb_595847 4As I drove back to my hotel, I was reminded of the value of providing a place for someone whose life is filled with activities to stop the noise and simply look clearly at their life. In this time of reflection, what is often confusing or unclear dissolves. An appreciation of what has been accomplished enters and a reconnection to the real purpose of life and work again can be felt.

For the person receiving this gift, it is priceless. Taking time to reorient their thoughts and actions and to receive clear reflection from another perspective that is both unbiased and without agenda is rare and needed.

For the person giving this gift, it is an experience that touches the soul. For being able to serve as holder of the flame of truth without judgment is a calling. Leaders in whatever capacity they have, can take this gift into their life and allow their passion to be directed in a manner that is true to their values and in service to their purpose.

5 people with OKI recommend to each of you that you find such a trusted advisor in your life. It can be anyone who can give you clear feedback without having a notion of what you “should” be doing. Rather, they listen with clarity and help you truly hear yourself. If you do not have this experience, I suggest you consider finding this person today.

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